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Handbook Peace Psychology

Knab, N., & Steffens, M. C. (2022). "Why do you think Christmas will never ever be celebrated again?" A paradoxical thinking intervention's potential to affect conflict-related concerns, willingness to compromise and openness towards refugees. European Journal of Social Psychology.

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Knab, N., & Steffens, M. C. (2021). Emotions for solidarity: The relations of moral outrage and sympathy with hierarchy-challenging and prosocial hierarchy-maintaining action intentions in support of refugees. Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology. Advance online publication.

Knab, N.*, Winter, K.*, & Steffens, M.C. (2021). Flexing the extremes: Increasing cognitive flexibility with a paradoxical leading questions intervention. * shared first-authorship. Social Cognition. 

Bareket, O., Shnabel, N., Kende, A., Knab, N., & Bar-Anan, Y. (2021). Need some help, honey? Dependency-oriented helping relations between women and men in the domestic sphere. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 120(5), 1175–1203.

Knab, N. & Steffens, M. C. (2018). One World in diversity – a social-psychological intervention to foster international collective action intention. Journal of Social and Political Psychology, 6, 8-26.

Maltese, S., Baumert, A., Knab, N., & Schmitt, M. (2013). Learning to interpret one's own outcome as unjustified amplifies altruistic compensation: a training study. Frontiers in Psychology. 4:951.

Under Review

Wolf, T., Knab, N., Steffens, M.C. (Revision submitted). Exploring solidarity-based attitudes and behavior: The role of justice sensitivity and social identification. (Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology)


Knab, N., Steffens, M.C., Halabi, S., Friehs, M.T., Nadler, A., & Hameiri, B. (invited for Review at Special Issue of British Journal of Social Psychology). A wolf in a sheep's clothing? The interplay of norms and threat in hierarchy-maintaining action tendencies towards disadvantaged groups. 

Pauen, H., Wolf, T., Steffens, M.C., & Knab, N. (under review). We are all the same and (not) judged the same? Examining attribution tendencies of liberals in the context of norm violations by refugees. (International Journal of Intercultural Relations)


Bytzek, E., Dupont, J., Steffens, M.C., Knab, N., & Schneider, F. (under review). Do Election Pledges Matter? The Effects of Broken and Kept Election Pledges on Citizens’ Trust in Government. (German Political Science Quarterly)


Landmann, H., ... Knab, N., Hess, F., Bender, R., Maser, J., Wagner, U., & Hellmann, J. (under review). Transfer between Science and Practice: Findings from Expert Network on Forced Migration and Integration. 

In prep

Knab, N., & Napier, J. (in prep). The effect of an interdependence mindset on empowering forms of help towards illegal immigrants 


Knab, N., Hameiri, B., Hasan-Aslih, S., Shuman, E., & Halperin, E. (in prep). Effects of a paradoxical intervention on collective action intention of disadvantaged groups.

Knab, N. (in prep). Evidence-based psychological interventions to transform intergroup conflict in Cohrs, Knab & Sommer (Eds). Handbook Peace Psychology. 

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