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I moved quite a bit when I was a child and am thus very adaptable to differing environments and follow the belief that "a stranger is just a friend I don't know yet". When I was young I wanted to become a dancer - the flow and creativity captured me. But when I was a teen I danced less and read more books, more specifically, psychology books. Learning in history classes about the holocaust initiated a strong desire to understand, explain and change pro-and antisocial behavior. During my Bachelor and Master degree I had the privilege to work with admirable researchers that inspired me to continue my academic path. So nowadays, I am putting the creativity into operationalizations of studies – I am still dancing, I love mostly Salsa, Heels, Bachata and Hip Hop (check out my instagram :)) but I am a peace psychologist at heart – currently living and researching in Tel Aviv, Israel.  

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  • Chair of German Peace Psychology Association

  • Network for Asylum and Integration

  • Consulting Editor of European Journal of Social Psychology


Undergraduate Level: 

Empirical practicum (Bachelor of Science, Winter term 2015/16; 2018/19)

Introduction to Social Psychology (Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Education, in English and German, Winter term 2016/17; 2019/20; Summer term 2017)

Graduate Level: 

Social Psychology of Cooperation and Conflict: Peace Psychology (Master of Science, Winter term 2015/16, 2016/17, 2017/18, 2018/19)

Conflict Prevention and Cooperation (Master of Science, summer term 2018, 2020, winter 2020/2021), Social Psychological Approaches to Conflict Resolution (Winter term 20/21, 21/22)

Awards and

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